New Franken Sportsmen's Club
We are a non-profit organization who's main objective is to provide an establishment where sportsmen can shoot trap,
rifles and pistols. As well as a strong focus on youth shooting opportunities and safety education. Questions welcome.

Last Updated:7/22/20
Sportsmen Welcome!
Founded in 1957

​League---$25    Membership for Trap League shooters. 
​Rifle-------$45    Membership includes rifle range and trap league.
Life--------$400  Membership includes Range and League for Life.
​​Membership includes spouse and children 18 and under until high school graduation. Grandchildren until age 18 are also allowed as family.

Memberships are available at Club on​ League nights after 730pm.
Find league schedule links on the Shooting page.​​
​​​​​​​​​​​Monthly Meeting
Work night prior to meeting 5PM​   Meal provided
Aug 17, 730pm

Youth League Starts June 22

700pm $6 includes targets and shells. More info on Youth page​

2020​ Poultry shoot has been Cancelled.

Rifle Range is OPEN ​

No Guests​​* see below
10 Shooters Max​
2020 Member Badge Must be Displayed at all Times

Family Members allowed but Count Toward 10 Maximum
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ALL portable targets are to be placed directly in front of intermediate target berms.
Be aware of where you bullets are striking.​​​​​​

*This does not apply to family, they are included in annual membership. See definition of family in Become a Member paragraph.​​

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Send your clothing order via email to Please specify the item(s) you would like along with your size and any other special instructions.
Orange Hat - $13
Camo Hat - $13
Color Logo Hoodie
S, M, L, XL - $27
XXL - $30
White Logo Hoodie
S, M, L, XL - $27
XXL - $30
Color Logo Jacket - $85
Name on Front - $5