New Franken Sportsmen's Club
We are a non-profit organization who's main objective is to provide an establishment where sportsmen can shoot trap,
rifles and pistols. As well as a strong focus on youth shooting opportunities and safety education. Questions welcome.

Last Updated:2/20/2015
Sportsmen Welcome!
Founded in 1957
League---$25    Membership for League shooters. 
​Rifle-------$35    Membership includes rifle range and trap league.
Life--------$300  Membership includes Range and League for Life.
​Membership includes spouse and children 18 and under until high school graduation. Grandchildren until age 18 are also allowed as guests.

​Memberships are available at the Club on League nights from 730pm-900pm.​​ (See Shooting tab for schedule) ​ 
​​Memberships are not available by phone. 

Mar.  Meeting
Mon. Mar. 16, 2015​

Summer league organizational meeting, league rules, pistol league update and general business. All teams need captain or representative to assure spot on league.

The Club's insurance company is requesting waiver forms from all shooters. The board will be investigating new membership cards and signage to cover this issue. ​
The logging has been completed on the land adjacent to the rifle range, sorry for any inconvenience.

Our contractor had an opening in his schedule and we were lucky to get all trees harvested.​​

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Orange Hat - $13
Camo Hat - $13
Color Logo Hoodie
S, M, L, XL - $27
XXL - $30
White Logo Hoodie
S, M, L, XL - $27
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